I Have Been Dating This New Girl

This is a really big difference for me, because this girl is a whole lot smarter than I am. She is a medical student here at the college, but she is not much older than me. In fact she comes from the part of India that they call Tamil Nadu. I did not have a clue where that was or anything else about the place. Of course she listens to music that she gets from this site called krafta, which has all sorts of South Asian music. I have no clue what any of it means. That does not mean that she does not listen to other music. In fact she has really eclectic taste in music and that is how I got to met her. One day I was practicing my guitar out on the commons. I know this guy who plays violin and we were playing some gypsy jazz. She came up and listened with her friend, then she asked where I had learned about Django Reinhardt. Continue reading

How to good at playing piano

Music is the gorgeous things and it’s the best activities on your pleasure time. Music will be fill your day to be cheerful and happiness. If you are stress, bored time and you need to get your spirit then music is the answer. You can choose what kind of music that you like and try to play it. self taught piano lessons is the site that will be teach you more about the music. You can check it first and you will be interest on it. its the professional one and many kind of story about the music. If you are interest about the music here the site is the right one.

Music is the best activities and it’s popular. Not everybody to have that talent. But you are not be worry anymore. You can learn more about it and be good on it like you want. How to be get talent and good at play on your music ? then the answer is you can visit the site above. Look it first and make your decision to join it.

If you are interest to good at on piano, here the tips that you can learn and try it : play the piano with the right hand position, The hand position becomes important in playing the piano . By determining the shape of the hand position is good and appropriate, then you will be good on it. then, you must be play the piano with the different motion. In order to create a better coordination in playing the piano , then you need to practice playing the piano with different motions. Then the important is you must be know about the piano chord chart (piano key). The the last, you can try it more as much as you can do to play the piano. Finally if you are difficult to through it. you can visit the link above then, it will be easier to learn it.




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Expert Tips To Building A Successful Music Career

Music is loved by everyone. There are some individuals that love music so much that they decide to take it up as a career. However before you decide to take music up as a career, you should drop all the previous thoughts you had in your mind about music. It is here that you would need the expert guidance and mentoring by an expert music careerist like Tom Hess.

Mr. Hess has taught several students guitar lessons online and helps many establish a successful music career. He has helped several students become famous band artists or establish themselves as famous musicians. He also has the repute of providing valuable music lessons at master classes, workshops and clinics across the USA. He has served as the instructor at The National Workshop and has commenced directing an electric guitar program at Harper College located at Illinois.

Mr. Hess has also established the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle where he effectively coaches guitar teachers He gives them guitar teacher training courses and enlightens them on how they are able to make a six figure business from it. In fact, many of the guitar teachers Mr. Hess has trained have been successful in building guitar teaching schools across the USA. Tom Hess helps guitar teachers with business skills if they are interested in setting up their own guitar schools and earn business from it.

Tom Hess also writes a number of instructional manuals when it comes to guitar lessons. He says that there are a number of instructional manuals that are available across the USA however most of them are hard for students to understand. This is why when he is not mentoring or coaching, he ensures that he writes instructional manuals that are easy to understand by everyone.

When it comes to mentoring and coaching Tom Hess says that it is very important for the student to drop old patterns that they will become successful just by being good at their work. Mr. Hess says this is not enough. It is important for them to be coached and mentored at every step. Training and improvement of skills are necessary. He also has created a unique practice generator and segmented guitar courses into phases so that students can systematically pick up music lessons before they become experts in the field.

Tom Hess is today loved and respected by his students because he understands their basic needs. He ensures that they effectively get the required training, coaching and mentoring in a simple manner. Tom Hess is not only a coach and mentor but he is also a music composer. He loves creating original and unique musical scores. When it comes to music career and mentoring, he says that plans are never goals. You have to be committed to your goal to become a successful musician one day. Many people make plans but most of the time, they are not committed to them. Mr. Hess says that you have to first be sure of your goal and focus on it all the time to become a success!

The Best Guitar Bass Store with Lots of Brands in High Quality


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Street Piano Programs for the Homeless Entertainment

Nowadays, more and more organizations are helping the homeless to stand for their lives. Many of those organizations are not giving them the money so that they can live their life. Instead, they help them to live their life as a better individual. One of the most common programs that many of those organizations do is the street pianos. This kind of program was started in 2005 by one organization to give the kind of simple entertainment that can be enjoyed by a lot of people on the street without having to pay. In fact, if you have a talent, your talent might be spotted by some passengers that might pass by when you are playing the piano.

Fortunately, this kind of program has helped a lot of people, especially the homeless where the piano is located. They can try to learn to play the piano so they can perform on their own when the piano is free. As an addition to that, some of the people passing the street can surely play the piano just to entertain the other people who passed down the street. This can be something nice for many people, especially for the homeless around the area.

For your consideration, this kind of program is considerably good to give the kind of nice entertainment for those who need it, especially the homeless. As an addition to that, spotting some new talents will not be that hard if you go around this kind of piano. If you are interested in helping the organizations with this kind of program, then you might want to try to contact the nearest people organization around your house and help them to help many other people out there. That way, you can surely help many people to get something nice in their life, especially for the homeless.

Playing The Piano Using Chord Symbols

Hasil gambar untuk Playing The Piano Using Chord SymbolsPiano improvising and arranging is an art but definitely not a science. It is all based on chords and chord progressions. There aren’t any steadfast rules for creating an arrangement, nothing to dictate the limitless potential of your imagination. Musicians learn to arrange by simply arranging and improvise by improvising — over and over again. It’s a big game of trial and error. But it’s also a scientific method: you keep the experiments that work, and abandon those that don’t work.

That being said, there are a few things that can help you in the knowledge of piano improvization. Don’t think of these as rules, but rather points on a roadmap guiding you through the vast world of arrangement and improvisation possibilities.

The first step, of course, is to learn as much as you can about chords and how they work. Once you get a handle on piano chords and the chord symbols that represent them such as Fm7, G9, D, C7, etc., you can then learn how to break those chords up in various patterns.

Learn several different chording patterns, such as open voicing, arpeggios, upward inversions, western bass, Alberti bass, swing bass or boogie bass. This course guides you through these techniques, in addition to others, and teaches you to understand when they’re the most appropriate.

Learn some right hand fillers, like octaves (and the multitude of harmonic possibilities associated with octaves), tremelos, grace notes, twangs, runs, and turnarounds. Again, this course teaches you these fills and several others.

Study pre-arranged sheet music. Your local music shop will have tons of music books containing several arrangements; read and play through these in detail. Seeing what other people have done with various pieces of music will help you understand the art of arrangement and also introduce you to new techniques!

Dig into different musical styles, like ragtime, blues or country-western. Pick up some compilation CDs focusing on a particular style of music or purchase some piano sheet music specializing in the style. Understanding the fundamental elements of various styles will help you learn to arrange any song in that particular style — or just add a few stylized elements to any arrangement.

Jump online and type in “chord piano” or “piano chords” into your search browser, and you will come up with a zillion choices where you can learn all you need to know about chords in a reasonably short time. It’s not rocket science, and once you learn a few piano chords, you probably will become addicted to chords and their application to your piano playing.

How to See Through Notes in Music

“I play by ear, or by chords, but lots of music doesn’t have chord symbols written in — how do I know what chord to play when?”

“Our hymn book doesn’t tell which chords to use — how can I know what to play?”

“I read music but don’t have a clue what chords are being used. How can I know what they are?”

What do you do if you want to play a song using chords instead of the written sheet music notes, but the song doesn’t have any chord symbols printed — symbols such as Cm7, G13, B+, D dim7, etc.?

There’s a logic behind every note written in music, & you can learn to understand that logic, and therefore understand music. If you can read music to some degree but don’t “see through” the written music — don’t understand what you are seeing — it is now very possible that you can put on your “chord glasses” that good “chord detectives” wear to see through all that mass of black printed notes on a white page of sheet music to quickly understand what chords are being used and the “family logic” behind it all.

The “family logic” is this: In every key there are certain chords which are organic to that key –“family members”, so to speak. For example, in the key of F the 3 most used chords are F, Bb and C. In the key of G the most used chords are G, C, and D. In the key of Eb the most used chords are Eb, Ab, and Bb. Do you see a pattern here?

Chords are based on scales, and the chords which are used the most in any key are built on the 1st degree of the scale, the 4th degree of the scale, and the 5th degree of the scale. They are identified by using the Roman numerals I, IV, and V.

So the most used chords in any key are the I chord, the IV chord, and the V chord. They are the primary chords, and they are all major. They occur way more than other chords. The next most used chords are the ii chord, the iv chord, and the iii chord — all minor chords.

Just knowing these simple facts gives a musician a giant advantage when learning or playing a song. If he or she knows the most likely chords that are going to occur in a song, based on the key of the song, then they can scrape together other evidence quickly to build an air-tight case that they know the chords of that song.

For example, let’s take two musicians about to play from a piece of sheet music. Both read music, but only one knows chords and music theory. The first musician looks at the notes and sees a Bb in the bass clef as the first note, a Eb in the bass clef in the second measure, a Bb in the 3rd measure, an F in the fourth measure, and so on. He can play what he sees, but nothing else, because he doesn’t grasp the fact that the first few measure have given away the fact that the primary chords have been outlined.

The second musician looks at the same music, but with “X-ray eyes”. He sees through the same notes into the chord structure behind the scenes.

The first musician is tied to the written music and limited to the notes printed on the sheet music, while the second musician has the best of both worlds: he can read the music and play it as it is written, but he can also add chords and fills and come out with a much bigger, more interesting arrangement than the first musician.

The benefits of becoming a chord detective are many:

It allows a musician to immediately identify what key a song is in… It allows a musician to know POSITIVELY which chords are most likely to occur in each song… It allows a musician to look at the first measure and the last measure and immediately know the harmonic form of any song…


It works in any key — major or minor… It works with any kind of hymn or gospel song… It works by releasing a musician from being “tied to the written music”… It works by allowing a musician to add chords of his or her own…

The bottom line is this: knowing chords and music theory allows a “chord detective” to develop “see through eyes” that immediately perceive the structure of a song and then allow that musician to use both the written score and any fillers or improvisations he or she desires to add to a song.

To Compose Music, First Learn To Improvise

One of the greatest motivators of learning to play an instrument for most people is the thought of being able to compose their own music, to take their talent to a new level, and use their music to express their inner feelings. The first step to take to learn how to compose your own music is to learn the art of improvising. The good news is that it isn’t as hard as you think.

The sad thing about learning improvisation, is that many people put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they must first learn to master chords, notes, read music, and be able to play other peoples music well, before they can get onto the more important task of creating their own masterpieces. The result of these thoughts usually ends with the person becoming so caught up in getting everything right that they feel afraid to improvise, and compose simply because they fear getting it wrong, or creating something that sounds terrible.

Why Improvisation Is Important

Improvisation is vital to a musician, because it is a lesson taught in creativity, and it develops an ear for hearing music on a whole new level, and copying it. For those who want to learn to compose, creativity is the most important aspect of being a composer, it is even more important than knowing keys, notes, chords, or even reading music itself.

Improvisation at its greatest can be found in jazz music. If you want to learn about improvisation, be sure to listen to some of the classic jazz. Jazz is the type of music that was mostly improvised, and added to. It was rarely played to a set out strict music sheet, but evolved as it was being played, and only got better each time the musician played it.

How To Improvise

Improvisation is nothing more than experimentation, and creativity. We all have those two things. Don’t be fooled into thinking that, in order to improvise, you must first know all of the chords, or notes used to play your instrument. Improvisation can be started off as early as when you have learned your first couple of notes, or chords.

The best way to use improvisation is to experiment with the chords or notes as you are learning them. If you are taking lessons, use some your practice time to try out different chord, or note combinations. Try anything you like, experiment. Improvisation is all about learning the art of non-conformity to the average style of music, and how to learn to use your creative talents to make an expression of yourself.

How To Deal With The Internal Critic

Everyone’s a critic, but we are our own worst critic. Most people are afraid to try new and different things simply because they are afraid to fail. The first time that you improvise, you will probably sound terrible, and maybe even the second time, too. This isn’t failing, this is learning. As you get better at playing your instrument, you will also get better at improvising. If you start off learning how to improvise early, you will only get better at it as you learn more chords, or notes. By starting to improvise early on, you will never be concerned about when the right time to start improvising is, simply because right now is the best time to start.

Don’t be afraid of what other people will think, either. If you are afraid of someone criticizing your first attempts at improvising, just play your instrument when nobody is around, until you are more confident, and ready to share your music with others.

Taking Improvisation Into A Musical Composition

Once you have mastered improvisation, it is only a small step to take it to the next level, which is creating music of your own. Once again, composing music is a lot like improvisation, and to master it you need to be creative, and understand that it may not sound perfect at first. But with a little creativity and some tweaking, you have the potential to make the music in your head come to life through your instrument.


Composing is nothing more than letting yourself be creative, and letting that creativity to make your music unique. You don’t have to be able to play as well as Mozart to start to improvise, and from there begin to compose music. Mozart started out just like you, improvising, learning, and then composing. So let your creative talents flow, and remember that you don’t have to get it right every time. But you do have to want to succeed.